Our Services

After all the work you have done, it is now time to get it into a proper shape and style. If you don’t have the skills to do so, we will take care of it for you. Together we will create the best layout and cover for your thesis. You are the final editor!

Layout design

By designing the layout of your book we help you to present your work in the most appropriate style. Together we decide what kind of layout would fit you best. Your choice of fonts, line spacing, reference list style, chapter pages, the quality check of the images and figures, - all of it and more is part of our package.

Cover design

To design a personalized cover, we work together with you to understand your ideas and tastes. Our design can be based on various things: an image from your book, a painting that you love, a geometric pattern or an illustration that we create specially for you. In case you do not have any idea, do not worry, we are always there to brainstorm together and design the best cover for you.

Additional services

Other services we perform for our clients include designing PowerPoint templates, invitations for the party/dinner or digital publications and converting your PDF documents. We also adjust your figures, do textual corrections (English and Dutch) or design scientific illustrations related to your topic. In case you need any help regarding printing your book, we can advise you (free of charge) where to print it best, what paper and cover quality to choose.

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